500 ml La Mistt Anti-Cellulite Cream Extra Heat...
500 ml La Mistt Anti-Cellulite Cream Extra Heat Effect

500 ml La Mistt Anti-Cellulite Cream Extra Heat Effect

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What is anti-cellulite cream?

The anti-cellulite cream is an ideal product for reducing orange peel skin which, despite being completely natural, can create complexes in some people. Moreover, thanks to its components, our cream penetrates until the deepest skin layers so it removes liquids and toxins, and reshape body contouring.

Why should our anti-cellulite cream be used?

The firming anti-cellulite cream has some characteristics that make it special, among which we highlight:

  • Anti-cellulite cream with mild heat effect.
  • The presence of Brown Algae, Guarana and Horse Chestnut extracts improves the drainage of excess fluids and promotes the elimination of accumulated fluids, reducing swelling caused by nodules.
  • Peppermint essential oil gives this cream a feeling of well-being and comfort.
  • Easy gliding and absorption.
  • The heat effect on skin helps to get better results in the treatments carried out.

Instructions for use 

Apply twice a day (mornings and nights) with upward massages to activate blood and lymphatic circulation. It is necessary to be constant in order to achieve better results.


Do not use near eyes or mucosa. Wash your hands carefully after applying. Test it in small areas since it may cause redness in sensitive skins.

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